Las Vegas Locksmith company and CASA BLINDS factory working side by side 

You would never know how two different companies with two completely different industries would ever be working with each other at such a high volume. Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas is one of the best in it's field in high security, and CASA Blinds of Las Vegas is well known for it's high-end products in Window Blinds and Shutters. And so here you have two companies that are on top of their own industries doing what they do best. This evolution started with a simple locksmith company in Las Vegas called Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas that has always stayed on top of things and offering their customers all the information possible to keep their homes and businesses safe. The information was always given for free to every client that needed their locksmith service no matter what. So weather you needed your Las Vegas home re keyed ( Re-keyed ) or you needed high security locks you always had their locksmith going through a list of how to make your home safer. As you can imagine the list has many things you could do to make your home safer but what you might not know is that most of those things you could do yourself as a home owner.


* No soliciting sign 

* How to stop people from opening your garage door 

* How to protect your windows 

* What kind of deadbolts to use on doors with glass 

* Cover all your windows with BLINDS or SHUTTERS

    so thieves wouldn't be able to look in 

* How locksmiths evaluate locks 

* How to protect sliding doors 

* What to do with side gates 

* What your home alarm should have 

There are so many reasons why it's so easy to work with this Las Vegas locksmith company. Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas has a five Diamond Rating by Diamond Pages Las Vegas Business Directory, has received the TOP 100 BUSINESS DIAMOND AWARD,

A 5 star YELP rating by their payed customers, Perfect +A Rating by the Better Business Bureau, and much more. 

If you wish to contact them for any Las Vegas locksmith work here is the contact information below. 

Half Price Locksmith Las Vegas phone # 702-655-1505 

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What makes a locksmith Las Vegas company better than the next one and what to look out for? 

I always tell people to avoid Locksmith Las Vegas ads, and what does that mean? Well when you search the web sometimes the first two to four locksmith are not local results they are ads. And sometimes what appears to be locksmith las vegas results is really an out of town company trying to make a buck right here in Las Vegas using sub-contractors who do not have a locksmith license in Las Vegas. Another thing you might like to know is that Las Vegas locksmith service providers must have a locksmith vehicle with their license number and name on the car they show up to work with.

A good locksmith will always give you a complete price before ever doing the job. 

Using a legal Las Vegas locksmith means that the locksmith has a clean background check with an I.D. from the police department.