What are the steps to getting solar energy power system in Port St Lucie

​The first thing that should happen is obviously getting two to tree local solar energy companies in Port St Lucie to come and give you a basic estimate. This will allow you to get to meet multiple solar power panels company representatives and see who you feel would do the best job. An other words what Port St Lucie solar energy power company makes you feel safe enough to sign a contract with. Once you have decided which solar panel company you're going ahead with the project will start to take shape. 

​  The engineer visit will be one of the first steps that will take place. This will likely happen in the first week as the solar energy sales department will have transferred the solar power panels agreement which will explain the property description as well as the breakdown of the system. An engineer will come by your property to evaluate the electrical system of your home and ensure everything is adaptable to the new solar power energy system. If the electrical system needs to be relocated or adjusted the engineer will do all the paperwork for what needs to be done so both you and the permit department will be aware of all the changes. 

  Getting the permits will be the next step as this will determine the timeline of how long it takes before your solar energy system will be approved by the city or county in Port St Lucie. Keep in mind that the solar energy power panels company in Port St Lucie Florida has no say so in the timeline so be a little patient. 

  Now once the permit(s) have been approved your Port St Lucie solar energy company will be able to order all the solar energy panels, inverters, and mounting equipment. at this point you should have a date of when the solar power panels will be installed. In most cases it's less than thirty days from the date of permit(s) approval. 

​  Now the big day is here and you can see that everything you waited for is coming into shape ''The Solar Energy Panels Installation Day''. In most cases we see that solar energy power panels installation in Port St. Lucie Florida will be completed in two days max. And even though everything looks completed it's not quit ready. 

   Flipping the switch on is when everything is running but you can't do this before the approval of the interconnection. This must get consent from the power company in most cities as it needs to be viewed for safety reasons. Once the approval has taken place your solar energy company in Port St Lucie Florida will come by to turn on the switch giving you what you've been waiting for, the day of freedom. 

​Congratulations you are now your own Power Company. 

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