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A note to the Las Vegas garage door repair consumer. 

We should all understand that when you hire a garage door repair Las Vegas contractor it's just as important as hiring any Las Vegas contractor. Garage door repair Las Vegas companies have to be licensed and for a good reason. Not only can garage doors be a concern they can also be DANGEROUS. Never forget that a garage door is a heavy product that hangs over our head just about every time we go to the garage, and if an unqualified garage door repair man or a handyman repairs your garage door you can't know that it was done right. Never sacrifice your family's safety for any reason. Get it done right by a legal Las Vegas garage door repair company that was approved and check their reviews as well. It never never hurts to see a company's background as well as their reputation. 

As a personal advise goes, I like using companies that have been around for over five years and a garage door repair company shouldn't be different. 

The reason to use a garage door repair Las Vegas licensed and insured company? 

A licensed company has been checked. 

A licensed company has to answer for their actions. 

A garage door repair company in Las Vegas has to be approved by the contractors board 

An insured company has a policy to cover any damages that might happen to a property that was created by the contractor. 

There's a reason laws where put into place to protect the garage door repair consumer. 

Here is an example by the Nevada Contractors board (video on contractors

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Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Service Licensing Requirement

Whether you're building a home or just need a basic garage door repair service in Las Vegas, it's crucial that you'll know that all garage door repair service companies in Las Vegas have to have a license through the NEVADA CONTRACTOR BOARD. 

Las Vegas garage door repair businesses have to show some kind of knowledge in their field just like any other Las Vegas contractors. Moses at Swift Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas says when you look around you'll see many companies that offer garage door service however if you look them up at business licensing you can see really fast how many of them do not have the proper business license. After looking into it myself I found that many companies only had a handyman license and not a garage door service provider license. 

Another way to know if the garage door repair Las Vegas company your using is legally licensed is to see if the vehicle that showed up for the service is clearly marked as well as has a contractors license number as required by Law. 


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